Special things about Hanoi Cooking Class at Lang Lieu?

The moment you choose to embark your culinary journey with us, you will not walk alone. Accompanying you all along the road to discover a country’s cuisine is no one else but Lang Lieu team, so as to guarantee your best experience into the world of food and culture.

1. To be a professional in cooking

Led and trained personally by the reputed chef Nguyen Van Cong - who is so dedicated and meticulous with each and every culinary work, the students will first gain an insight into the values of what they are going to make.

During the class, you will try cooking our menu on your own, which presents signature traditional dishes in Northern Vietnam, from the Old Quarter of Hanoi to the mountainous North-West and North-East. The menu is meticulously designed to curate the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations, which will guarantee an original taste of Vietnam to the guests' eating.



The basic thing that each student will learn firstly is the physical features of the dishes - how the flavours are combined. Like any other Vietnamese dishes, they should be based on balance rules, which always have five elements in terms of taste, organs, nutrients and colours. While fundamental tastes & colours are created from 5 factors that make life: spicy/ white (metal), sour/ green (wood), bitter/ red (fire), salty/ black (water) and sweet/ yellow (earth), the rules for organs & nutrients aim for healthiness: gall bladder, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, and urinary bladder; powder, water or liquid, mineral elements, protein and fat respectively.



Traditionally conformed, Northern Vietnamese cuisine signifies an equitable combination of the ingredients. The culinary work here is not bold in any particular taste or colours. Neither it has any dominant ingredient. Most Northern Vietnamese foods feature light and balanced flavors, resulting from subtle combinations of many different flavours.

The next level of our lesson is visualization. A distinctive dish is the one which both tastes and looks good. Each dish should be colorful and arranged in eye-pleasing manners. The food may be cooked from such simple ingredients, but it has to appear elegant.



All in all, the food cooked in Lang Lieu cooking class is supposed to guarantee these criteria:

  • Freshness: It comes right from the quality of the ingredients.

  • Presence of herbs and vegetables: Herbs and vegetables are essential to many Vietnamese dishes and are often abundantly used. They can be eaten raw, rough boiled, in broth or sauté.

  • Variety and harmony of textures: In order to maintain a proper balance, Northern Vietnamese dishes are usually the mixture of crisp and soft, watery and crunchy, delicate and rough.

  • Elaborate making process: Subtle as it may present, food of Northern Vietnam is usually made through numerous steps so as to refine the unessential parts and take the most valuable ones. 

  • Attractive presentation: A lively presentation can make the food to be soulful, highlighting a Vietnamese spirit.

2. To be an explorer of tradition culture

At Lang Lieu's cooking class, rather than merely learning how to make traditional food, our guests will embark on a back-time journey to discover the story of origin, the growth of culture and the soul of Vietnam that have left their mark in today’s dishes.



Apart from your experience involving practice cooking Vietnamese signatures, you will be granted with the chance to have a complete preparation process from picking up the ingredients at market stalls. The cultural value you may get results from the fact that the places set on your journey all have long history and played important roles in Vietnamese culinary development. At each spot, you revive history by doing the same as what people of the old time did in terms of good trading and cooking.

Your culture-rich journey includes 4 historically reputed places, which are:

  • Cho Gao Street - the key market of Hanoi in the 19th century

  • O Quan Chuong - the last remain of The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

  • Thanh Ha Street - A place of rice

  • Dong Xuan Market - the symbol of Old Hanoi Trading. 

Passing each destination, we are committed to bringing the experience that is not merely interaction with local retailers but immersion into their life as well. By playing the same role as local people, you will get a true insight into the timeless Vietnamese cuisine. 

The cooking class lasts for 4 hours, from 8 a.m to 12 p.m.

Lang Lieu Restaurant has always been dedicated to present history and culture by means of cuisine. It's our utmost honour that we can be your companion in a journey to discover a country's extraordinaries, in the most ordinary way.

*Price: $60/ pax