Top Delicious Vietnamese Roll

Vietnamese cuisine is very well-known for the Vietnamese Spring Roll all over the world. However, you will maybe not know that Vietnam has also many other kinds of food rolls and all of them are very delicious and unique that you cannot find anywhere except for Vietnam.

Here, let’s explore the top delicious Vietnamese rolls that may make you water of mouth when being recalled.

Banh Cuon - Vietnamese Steamed Rice Pancake

Banh Cuon is one of the popular dishes in the breakfast or lunch menu of Vietnamese. You can easily bump into a range of food stalls serving Banh Cuon in the morning. Vietnamese often stir-fry minced pork with the hash wood ear mushroom and dried onion to be done and stink and then they put the mixture onto the freshly steamed rice papers and roll them together to create the Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon is often kept in the steamed pot to remain the best taste until being served. Banh Cuon is often eaten with fried shallots dusted above and Vietnamese ham and dipped with a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce. You will feel the sourness, sweetness and a little hot of the sauce mingling with the meatiness and butteriness of Banh Cuon. The best version of Banh Cuon is the Banh Cuon Thanh Tri which is the special dish of Thanh tri district, Hanoi.

Goi Cuon - Vietnamese Spring Roll

Goi Cuon is the best choice for health-conscious followers with fresh and nutritional ingredients such as meat, shrimp, bun, lettuce, spring onion and some kinds of other vegetables. Meat and shrimp are cooked well and sliced and then wrapped up with bun and spring onion in the lettuce and finally rolled by a dried rice paper. When eating, you will dip Goi Cuon in the cup of the sweet and sour fish sauce by the hand and use the individual plate to put it gradually to your mouth and feel the deliciousness and freshness of vegetable absorbing in your tongue little by little. This dish is also used as a vegetarian dish with a change in ingredients such as tofu, mushroom.

Cuon Diep - Mustard Leaf Roll

Cuon Diep is the distinctive dish of some areas of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Hue, etc but it is more popular and served in many places in Vietnam. Cuon Diep owns common ingredients of the typical Vietnamese rolls such as pork, shrimp, spring onion and bun – vermicelli noodles; however, which makes the special features for this dish are the secret ingredients: mustard leaves and wine dregs. Pork and shrimp are cooked well and then they will be combined with wine dregs and all of them will be rolled by the mustard leaves instead of rice sheets and tied by the spring onions. The sauce for this dish is also very unique: the thick peanut and ginger sauce.

Bo La Lot - Beef wrapped in Piper Lolot Leaf

Differentiating from many typical Vietnamese spring rolls, Bo La Lot does not use the rice paper, it uses Piper Lolot Leafs as the soul of this dish. The main ingredients for this dish are the Piper Lolot Leaves and the raw minced beef which is sauced. Raw minced beef will be wrapped up in the Piper Lolot Leaves and Bo La Lot will be grilled above the charcoal stove that is the reason why you will feel the smokiness and meaty bite when tasting Bo La Lot. This dish is often eaten with the Bun – rice vermicelli and the fish sauce.

Nem Cua Bể - Deep Fried Crab Meat Roll  

Nem Cua Be is the special dish of Hai Phong city but now it is enjoyed more countrywide due to the appealing in its taste. Crabmeat, minced shrimp and pork, wood ear mushroom, rice vermicelli, and bean sprouts are rolled in the rice sheets so that it has a square shape. Then, they are deep-fried in the hot oil until they change into yellow and very crispy. Nem Cua Be is served with the mint and some other vegetables and dipped in the sweet and sour sauce, of course. Biting a piece of Nem Cua Be, you will feel the booming in the taste of seafood mingling with the fresh of bean sprouts and the tasty of the mint leaf. Wow, what a marvelous taste!!  

Cha Gio - Deep Fried Spring Roll

Cha Gio is known as the Vietnamese Spring Rolls all over the world; it is the traditional dish of Vietnamese which cannot ignore in the royal big feast of Vietnam. Cha Gio is made of minced pork and shrimp, shitake mushroom, wood ear mushroom, carrot, vermicelli and onion, and egg; they are covered in the rice papers to shape square or column depending on each area of Vietnam. Like Nem Cua Be, Cha Gio is also fried deeply in the hot oil until it changes into yellow and crispy. This dish is eaten with sauce and also used in the Tofu and shrimp sauce noodle.

Nem Lui - Vietnamese Sausage Grilled by Lemongrass

Nem Lui derives from southern Vietnam with the original cooking recipe; the minced pork will be mingled with the minced shallot, sliced lemongrass, pepper; the mixture covers lemongrass and grilled above the charcoal stove until Nem Lui on the lemongrass changed into yellow and is smelly. Nem Lui is used with the sliced pineapple, cucumber, carrot, green banana and all of them are wrapped up in the rice paper. When eating, you will dip Nem Lui into the thick peanut and minced meat and ginger sauce. 

Banh Xeo - Coconut Vietnamese Crepe

Similar to Nem Lui, Banh Xeo is also originated in Northern Vietnam, especially in the Mekong delta area. The cover of Banh Xeo made of the flour, coconut milk, and turmeric powder is stewed thinly on the hot pan and added minced pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, sliced carrot and onion and is folded in half. To taste the deliciousness of Banh Xeo, you will chop Banh Xeo into small pieces and wrap it in the lettuce and herbs; then dip it into the sweet and sour sauce and enjoy the crisp and taste of Banh Xeo mixing the freshness of lecture and the sweetness and sour of the sauce.

Sweet Bo Pia - Sweet Summer Roll

Sweet Bo Pia is the childhood dish of the Vietnamese children, it is the usual dish originating from Southern Vietnam and is sold widely in the gate of many Vietnamese schools. The ingredient comprises of scraped coconut, sesame, and malt; these ingredients are rolled in the crepe paper and eat constantly. The taste of this dish is very savory; the meaty of coconut and sesame mix with the sweet of malt and the soft of crepe paper that makes the children very interested and water of mouth when recalling them. 

Banh Ong La Dua - Pandan Cake Pine

Beside Sweet Bo Pia, Banh Ong La Dua is the next dish making the Vietnamese children crazy when breaking out of the school. The fatness and smelly of the scraped coconut harmonizes with the meaty and fragrant of young sticky rice flavoring with the Pandan leaves. What a yummy dessert!!

Vietnam is really a paradise of the rolling dish with the diversity in both the cooking recipe and the taste; therefore, it will be the shortcoming if you miss enjoying the Vietnamese rolls when visiting there.  If you are finding a restaurant where you can both taste the Vietnamese dishes and enjoy the ambiance of Vietnamese villages. Why not call on Lang Lieu restaurant on 57 Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi to make the most of the wonderful moments there!

Let’s book a table and enjoy kinds of Vietnamese rolls with us!