What to Expect for Vegetarian in Hanoi Cuisine?

Eating vegetarian is a good action that not only is good for your health but also saves the earth from environmental pollution but it is hard for vegetarians to seek a good vegetarian meal when going to foreign countries. If you are vegetarian and are traveling to Vietnam, you need not worry about that because Vietnamese is now open to eating a vegetarian diet, especially in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. When visiting Hanoi, you will have numerous choices for a vegetarian meal that not only includes Vietnamese dishes in a special way but also has quiet space to enjoy the peace among the crowding city.

Here, let’s explore what the vegetarians can expect in Hanoi Cuisine with us! 

Best Vegetarian Dishes for the Nourishing Meals in Hanoi

The vegetarian dishes in Hanoi are made of the vegetable, bulbs, fruits, mushrooms, tofu, and sometimes eggs. With the diversity of ingredients and the creativity of Vietnamese chefs, several ingredients from animals in Vietnamese dishes are replaced by the ingredients from vegetables; therefore, vegetarians also taste Vietnamese dishes which often has meat in a no-meat way. What is the interesting thing!! You can enjoy your breakfast with stewed rice roll without mushroom instead of minced meat or a hot bowl of meat-free Vietnamese Pho or a tureen of mushroom rice gruel. Moreover, some Vietnamese vegetarian restaurants also serve vegetarian meals with three parts.


Your meal can start with a little salad from fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. There are plenty of Vietnamese vegetarian salads for you to choose; some common salads that you can choose nearly almost restaurants in Hanoi are Green Papaya and Carrot Salad, Banana Blossom Salad with Lime, Green Mango Salad, Lotus Root salad, etc. Moreover, you can taste a bowl of the hot vegetable soup made from stew bulbs, mushrooms, and corn; you also try to eat Vegetarian Spring Rolls or deep-fried ground sweet potato cake.

Main courses

In the main course, you will have more selection with the veggie dishes. No-meat Vermicelli noodle is the first choice for the vegetarian in Hanoi, the soul of the vermicelli noodle – the broth is made from stew vegetables and bulbs instead of animal bones; the items in the noodles are made from tofu or alternative vegetarians which makes the very unique taste. You can enjoy the sweet from the vegetable broth, a little sour from tomatoes and the fatty of items made from bean fried in the vegetable oil. The taste of traditional Vietnamese noodle soup is reserved almost in the vegetarian noodle soups that you will enjoy. Wow, so amazing!!

Besides, you can taste a traditional meal of Vietnamese in the vegetarian diet: the fried dishes, vegetable soup with the steam rice. Lying in the tropical area, Vietnam possesses various kinds of vegetables to have hundreds of fried vegetable dishes, some typical types of the fried vegetable can be listed as water morning glory fried with garlic, pumpkin buds with garlic or fried green mustard. The vegetable soup is often made from stewed bulbs with special spices and is used with rice. Another dish that many vegetarians when visiting Vietnam are fond of is the fried tofu stewed with tomato, it is the high recommend for you to have a delicious vegetarian meal in Hanoi.

Photo: Lang Lieu Restaurant

Moreover, you can have a vegetarian hot pot with friends. Hot pot is the popular kind of tasting food in Asia and often used with meat; however, vegetarian hot pot still exists to serve vegetarians;  the ingredients of this hot pot are the vegetables, bulbs and tofu-made foods and the vegetarian broth. Imagine that you with your friends sit around the vegetarian hot pot and chit chat together, what a cozy atmosphere with the laughing sounds. We believe that you will be the most memorable meal with your friends in Hanoi.       


Not only does the main course of the vegetarian meal own the diversity of dishes but desserts for vegetarians are also lavish. You can end your meal with a cup of sweet soup with ice or ice cream such as Lotus and Logan sweet soup, black sticky with yogurt that can make you reduce the cloyingness of fatty food and feel cool.

Moreover, you can eat fresh fruits, some restaurants will give you advice about the fruits depending on the season for the desserts to make you fresh after the meal.

Best phrases for Vegetarians when eating out

It will be a wonderful choice if you find a vegetarian restaurant for your meal; however, the half vegetarian restaurant is also a good selection for you. In this case, you should know some essential phrases that you can use when communicating with the staff of the half vegetarian restaurant.

“Tôi ăn chay”: I eat vegetarian food.

When you visit a half-vegetarian restaurant, you should let the staffs know that you are vegetarian so they will recommend for you about the vegetarian dishes that the restaurant serves.

“Không nước chấm”: do not use the fish sauce.

Some Vietnamese vegetarian dishes still use thHanoi Cuisinee fish sauce in their food so you should warn the staffs of the restaurant about that

“Không thịt”: do not eat meat

Like “Không nước chấm”, you should note for the staffs when you order your food.       

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