As its name suggests, Lang Lieu’s Garden is such a tranquil place which is completely isolated from the busy vibe of modern Hanoi. Resembling a countryside garden of a typical Northern Vietnam household, this area will definitely bring you the life of the old time, accompanying you back time by image, sound and of course, a signature dish.

The garden itself is not really large, but it is meticulously designed with every single small detail. One symbol of Northern Vietnam villages is the well, which is the first item catching your eyes the moment you enter Lang Lieu. It is made of stones and old bricks so as to simulate as closely as possible to the original well in history. Apart from it, other typical items that you could easily see in the suburban area of Northern Vietnam back in 1900s are also made their appearance in the garden. There is a traditional Vietnam Rice Mill, whose look makes a feeling of 100-year-old self by the rough stones and aged-long craft skills. Placed somewhere near are some terra-cotta vats (“chum” in Vietnamese), lying under the banana trees - a popular kind of plant in Northern countryside, even till now.

The furniture here is within the concept, obviously. The tables and chairs look exactly what Northern villagers used in the old time. Even the decorations - the pictures, are from Dong Ho, where folk paintings were born and grown. From the very first sight, the garden is refined to each small detail.

But an experience cannot be considered perfect if all senses can be fulfilled. Here in Lang Lieu garden, not only your taste and your sight is focused but your hearing and your smell as well. In order to bring the most lively traditional Vietnam vibe, we put a small stage at the centre so that the guests can enjoy live version of folk music like Chau Van, Xam,... to name but a few. The scent of the place is also carefully created by choice of essential oil.

In the same area with the garden is one religious corner where we put “Ban tho” there. It is a way we show gratitude, respect and hope to the ancestors and the Gods. Next to it is a small “exhibition”, originally created by Lang Lieu. Here we display a huge range of spices, from the most common ones like pepper to the much less popular ones - which you cannot even pronounce correctly. We are also honoured to present to you a pride of Hanoi - Bat Trang ceramics. A variety of Bat Trang products are respectfully placed at an attractive spot within Lang Lieu, so that the guests can get the chance to pay their compliment!

A hide-away from the “crazy” busy Hanoi right at its centre, it will not be an overstatement when you refer to Lang Lieu’s garden. For some moment, there are just you, and an authentic Northern Vietnam village sense.

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