Ngoc Tieu is one of the 2 most special rooms at Lang Lieu Restaurant. It follows the general concept of the restaurant as a consistence, yet having special features that make it so worth visiting…

The origin of concept

The name Ngoc Tieu is inspired from the old folk that shapes the whole restaurant - “The origin of Banh chung, Banh Day”. Dating back to the Hong Bang Dynasty, it all began when the seventh Hung King - Lang Lieu heired the throne and set a milestone for the country’s culinary development. He was the first to introduced Banh Chung and Banh Day, which were made from the most common ingredient in the country - the rice. Humble as it might seem, Banh Chung and Banh Day held great meaning to Vietnamese people. Banh Chung is a green cake in the shape of a square, representing the Earth while Banh Day comes in a white, dome-shaped cake as a symbol of the sky. Made from the most prevalent yet precious ingredient of Vietnam, the two dishes display a balance of the universe also preserve the very core value of Vietnam.


Ngoc Tieu Room is decorated in round shapes, which is the symbol of Banh Day - the sky.

Elegant in every detail

Ngoc Tieu room represents the woman and her grace. Presented with round decorating  patterns, it does not only carry the image of Banh Day (The sky) but also relates to yin and yang balance, the latter of which being expressed in the architecture of Ngoc Tieu room.

The interior furniture of this room resembles those Northern villagers used in the old time. The decorations - the pictures, are from Dong Ho, where folk paintings were born and grown. Most significantly, there is a picture of one stunning peacock - the queen of all birds. Every item within the room is meticulously picked, so that they all have meaning of their own and played a role in history. From the very first sight, this room brings a sense of elegance and gorgeousness.

The main colour of this room is light yellow, supported by peacock blue to further the royal vibe - a Queen palace.

Capacity: 30 seats

View: Garden 

Private party 


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      (9AM - 10PM)